Have you ever heard of a ‘first world’ problem? I’ve got one for you right here: there have been so many futa releases recently, they’ve been hard to keep track of!

On the subject of problems that aren’t really problems, we’ve put together a top 3 list of our hottest new futa releases, just in case you missed any of the action! Perhaps you overlooked them while you were browsing our selection of other great 3DX offerings…tsk, tsk, it’s just one problem after another…

Rhonwen’s Photo Shoot by Codemonkey3DX

It’s time for a high class photoshoot, and Rhonwen is throwing it down with cute poses and working her rockin’ bod. It’s supposed to be a clean pin-up set, with nothing hardcore, but how can three sexy young futanari keep themselves from getting horny when they’re watching each other show off?

Yeah… they can’t. 😉

Watch Lore, Rhonwen and Rylie go wild as their ‘professional’ photoshoot turns into a lust fueled, hole stuffing 3-way! At 110 pages with and without text, this may very well be Codemonkey’s most dynamic set yet. Why? Allow me to explain!

Of course, you’ve got your larger than life cocks on outrageously hot girls, but the presentation is superb in its fluidity. There are some very cool POVs and selfie shots, including a futa fucking triangle train that I’ve never seen before! 

Oh, and on the subject of shots, Codemonkey brings the cum: these girls are NOT afraid to unload their jizz cannons like there’s no tomorrow. I love it when there’s more than one frame in any finishing scene; trust me, if you’re a cumshot lover, this set will not disappoint!

Prison Sex by 3DZen

We’ve all seen this movie before: inmate is wrongly imprisoned, introduced to the warden, realizes that there’s something off about the prison, figures out that the warden is actually a crazed sex megalomaniac that wants to enslave every prisoner and turn them into sex dolls…

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the movie went down, unless it was directed by 3DZen!

Our poor, falsely accused protagonist grows suspicious quickly: 50% of the inmates are pregnant, and every prisoner seems to be hooked on some sort of liquid diet. It seems that the warden’s appetite is nearly insatiable, and she’s got an entire prison full of busty baddies just waiting to get busted!

This 91 image, quadHD (super sharp!) set doesn’t just feature a huge cocked warden feeding cum to her prisoners. That would be too easy. She also likes to strap them down and train their mouths to drink right from the source, and, ah yes, she has a thing for anal training, too. Milking machines, blindfolds, and literal buckets of cum…good luck Riley!  

WhiteRoom by 3dx851

Sometimes simple is best, and girls with fat cocks don’t need an excuse to have sex. When I say fat, I mean fat: big, juicy, thick girl meat that neither Raine nor Josie can keep their hands off of. Of course, it’s not just the dick, it’s two beautifully tanned girls, cute faces, soft wet pussies and gigantic, swinging tits!

This set features 50 high quality images and a bonus of 16 pin ups! In classic, no frills futa on girl action, Whiteroom has an impressive array of fetishes packed tightly into it. Autofellatio, doggy style milking, and ahegao are just a few of them, but where it really shines is showing how cute these girls are together.

At the risk of being redundant, did I mention that fat cock? It’s not just there for show, lemme tell you, and you’ll get to watch a high flying self facial that any respectable futa slut would be proud of! As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, you may be asking yourself, ‘why is the room white?’ Why don’t you take a look and find out for yourself?   


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