If you’re reading this, you’re clearly a fan of futanari. (Either that or boy howdy did you click a random link!)

Assuming that, there’s no way in hentai hell that you haven’t seen or heard of Agent Red Girl! Seriously, of course you have, silly for us to even mention otherwise…

What you MIGHT NOT know, however, is that aside from their awesome, multi-series spanning animations, ARG now has a site totally and completely dedicated to comics! Yes, comics, we didn’t stutter!

Why, you may ask? (Humor us, we’ll tell you whether you ask or not) Because Red is one of the most prolific, futa-loving creators in the industry, and the genre can’t be contained by one medium alone!

Thus, Redgirlcomics.com is born! This FREE (yes, actually free!) site features fully illustrated comics by a myriad of talented artists. Spin-offs, one-offs, and mini series, it’s all here and it’s all really, truly free!

If you’re interested in Red’s established characters, many of the comics star them by name, like the illustrious Mary, From the All my Roommate’s Love series! This is a fantastic chance to catch some extra series drama and backstory, but there are plenty of ‘other’ works to see, as well!

With a clean layout and an easy to navigate setup, Redgirlcomics just might become your new addiction. The site will be updated with new comics from time to time, and Red has got big plans to open it up for even more features in the future!

(Not the least of which: motion comics! Read some comics in video format, without having to deal with that pesky ‘next’ button!)