Okay, okay, okay! We know good ol’ instagram has a fairly strict NSFW policy. Big facts.

We also know that 3DX doesn’t have to involve hardcore sex and full frontal nudity to be sexy; in fact, some of the hottest renders that our artists have to offer feature fully clothed models!

What’s my point? My point is that you should be following 3DX artists on Instagram! Many simply assume that their favorite creators aren’t on IG because of the pesky policies, but you might be surprised.

Just because a gal ain’t showing everything, doesn’t mean she’s offering nothing 😉 Here’s a few of our personal favorites: if you have an account, give em’ all a follow!


Lamuserie has an impressive pinup gallery on IG, enough to keep your eyes glued to your phone and your fingers scrolling for a good long while. This artist does an amazing job of marrying gorgeous, highly detailed backgrounds to classic bikini clad chicks (many of them missing their tops) and their coloring and lighting adds a wonderful depth to the already heavenly visuals.


Verica Hupe aka Valzheimer, makes both art and assets for Daz. It’s nearly impossible to miss the incredible amount of detail put into their renders, and their style ranges between realistic and big eyed anime, with just a hint of animated movie thrown in here and there.

Valzheimer’s work is already fairly tame, as far as NSFW goes, which suits to IG, but despite the lack of nudity, you’ve gotta appreciate the sheer beauty and sharpness of each piece.


If you’d like to describe your favorite kind of 3DX as “Girls with huge tiddies who are barely not naked” then 8513 has got your number…and hopefully your follow! I wasn’t kidding about the boobs, (asses and thighs too) there’s enough in this gallery to go around, and many of the outfits leave little to the imagination, even if they are ‘SFW’.


Here’s another gallery featuring 3D models that are juuuust barely not naked. To add to the teasing, it appears that simone’s girls are aware that they’re being photographed, but that just makes them want to tease you even more!


One more Daz artist here, and a very good one, at that! Oh3DX focuses on realistic models, mostly, but they do have a variety of nonhuman renders in the mix. Oh does a particularly fantastic job on facial features and skin tones, but we won’t judge you if you’re not looking at the models’ face. If you like what you see, I believe this artist offers nude alts elsewhere, but this is a great way to familiarize yourself with their work!


Hey, that’s us! Surely you’ll permit us a little self indulgence by adding ourselves to this list; afterall, we’re here to bring great 3DX to the people! What better way is there to find 3D creators on IG and keep up with the latest comic releases?

Whether it’s on IG, twitter or on our website, NGP is gonna keep the goodness coming, regardless of how much skin we’re showing!


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