Strokes of Genius

There are a few firmaments in the realm of animated futa and dickgirl 3DX: pillars of (yeah I made that joke) solidity that have stood the test of time and inspired so many creators. Xalas is one such firmament: they’ve been dishing out fantasy and contemporary futa animation like it was going outta style for years! Speaking of ‘firm’, we’ve just added one of Xalas’ best to the NGP store!

Futa Obsession 2

Tiffany is no stranger to sex, but lately things have been…less than interesting with her love life. After hearing about an exclusive club that specializes in wild, raunchy encounters, she musters the courage to visit.

Of course, Tessa, a blonde escort with a behemoth dangling between her legs, is more than happy to oblige her nervous customer. After all…first time futa fuckers always go at it harder.

Professionally voice acted, hard hitting futa action that’s over 8 minutes long? Bam, right here! Tiffany’s scintillating dialogue accompanies her growing lust as she wraps her hands and lips around the fattest dick she’s ever seen in her life! Choking down as much as she can, she can’t wait to involve her entire body, slinging her dainty feet over that hot rod and stroking her lover furiously. Tiffany knows exactly what the redhead is there for, however, and she ends the night by ploughing her customer doggy style. Now that’s service!