Reality and Romance

We absolutely love 3D for its adaptable nature, hell, we talk about it all the time! Stuff you can’t do in real life (like cramming giant Ds in absurdly tight holes) is easy and breezy in 3DX. Sometimes, however, we appreciate characters that are a bit more believable, possibly even relatable. Lucky for us, we’ve got a few creators on our side who can not only present these kinds of characters, but also spin a crackling good yarn!

Oh yes, their sense of style is impeccable, as well…

Putting on Moves at the Movies

Amazing lighting, delightful, unique character designs and quippy dialogue that sets the tone for killer series? It’s gotta be The Lost Boyz, of course! Speaking of losing things, a certain ex virgin is looking to get some ex-tra experiences… 

“Jesse Lin has LOST IT!” continues the modern saga of a beautiful, witty trans girl who’s…let’s say, still figuring things out. Relationships are tough, afterall, and she still has some exploring to do before she decides to settle down! Still, it’s worth taking a chance when she bumps into a sexy AF, punky IT manager. She feels a bit out of her league when she scores a date, but then, the charming, glasses-wearing woman has everything needed and more to blow Jesse out of this world!

As a direct sequel to “Jesse Lin is losing it” this heartfelt comic perfectly blends genuine humanity, comedy, and fiery hot lesbian sex! Jesse goes in a bit nervous, it’s her first pussy, who wouldn’t be?? But her date is as willing as she is wet! Nothing says ‘great date’ like a blowjob and a hearty helping of girl cum! 

The Lost Boyz has a part three in the works, so look forward to seeing more Jesse!