Scarlett is dead set to bring her friend Felicity out for a few drinks, but Felicity isn’t quite sure about it. She’s a bit of a light-weight, and what’s worse (or better?), for some reason when she drinks she gets this massive throbbing erection she needs to tend to, and ends up cumming all over the place.

Scarlett, however, is hungry for that futa pussy, and in cohoots with her stunning accomplice Selene she manages to bring her friend to her favourite bar. When Felicity’s lewdness is unleashed, the three dickgirls will have fun, but what will happen when Selene and Scarlett agree that their cum-happy little futa friend needs some discipline?

Eris3D brings us the two first episodes of their dickgirl porn comic, Futa Bar, featuring so far over 200 FHD panels of scintillating futa-on-futa action! Let’s take a closer look.

Holes of Wonders

As soon as Felicity’s massive rod gets up in the air, she’s overcome with equal doses of embarrassment and lust, and runs away to the bathroom to jerk off. But, hoe and behold, a sensual voice from the stall next door invites her to put her dick through a hole in the wall… Horny out of her mind, Felicity agrees, and is welcome with first quality service, including toys and a more than skilled handjob. After blowing her load(s), Scarlett arrives dick up, decided to pound her friend in the ass like it was her plan from the beginning! But Selene wants in, too…

Discipline the Dickgirl

Selene and Scarlett have one-sidedly decided that Felicity is now their plaything, and that she needs to learn a lesson or two, whether or not she likes it. They’ll proceed to overwhelm them with sexual torture and unbearable edging, featuring double anal penetration, spit-roast, cum drinking, dick pumping, sounding and face-fucking, ignoring her pleads for mercy… Will they let her release that massive, absolutely insane cum build-up screaming in her balls, or will she have to learn yet another lesson before she can achieve relief?

Check out now the two first chapters of Eris3D’s latest dickgirl release on NGP, Futa Bar!


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