Are you tired of droll amateur model sites that promise the world but deliver squat? Sure, the idea is nice, but few models are worth it, and some of those subscriptions are expensive! Still, the concept is appealing…what if there was a way to experience it without all the hassle? Just a hot girl having fun and enjoying racy, mind blowing sex while she rakes in her ‘hard earned’ fan cash. If only something like that existed…

Lights, Camera, 3D action!

NSFW18 games present “RuRu’s adventure: Onlyfuck”! This pretty, small breast-ed vixen needs someone to manage her new fansite, and that someone is you! No paywalls, no disappointment, just an interactive cosplay queen looking to make some dough and be a ho for her millions of adoring fans!

In a very clever presentation, RuRu’s animation scenes and stills are unlocked by making posts and managing a convincingly laid out site. Of course, RuRu will have to make said content, which is unlocked via a fun, familiar game called LEWDOKU.

The game’s brilliantly colorful and stunningly detailed renders are a thing to behold… Especially while RuRu is holding a huge cock and waiting for a creamy cumshot! She’ll have to post progressively raunchier pics and vids to get those numbers: a girl can love masturbation with tons of sex toys, but if pounding herself into pussy and anal ectasy is her job, eventually she’ll have to turn up the heat. Double penetration? A gangbang? For such a petite model, RuRu will prove that she’s everything fans could ask for and more!