Combine Your Week With Some Freakiness!

Inventory management, clunky controls, bad camera angles, sometimes worse writing…we’re talking about Resident Evil of course!  Loved by millions, hated by just as many, one thing is undeniable: the iconic franchise has spawned tons of amazing R34 content! We’ve chosen some of our best, and hey…if you combine them, you’ll get an even more powerful collection!  

Hazard Level by Ashley Sugar

Jill and Claire have been infected with the G virus: oh no or OH YES? Even with the antidote, the levels of viral aphrodisiacs in their bloodstreams are too high. They try to fight the horny, but no woman can resist such a spiral of lesbian lechery!


As always, Ashley presents a sumptuous buffet of sapphic action, but with a futanari twist! Even after ravishing each other, the two infected girls get swept into an ocean of unfettered zombie lust. Could it be that the source of the virus is a figure so powerful and hung that she’s irresistible? Our heroines are going to find out whether they want to or not! 

Containment Zone by NSF

After navigating the dangerous, zombie infested streets, Jill is stopped by a rogue officer and angrily questioned. She’s out of ammo and out of options: so it’s time to use the last…and maybe the most powerful weapon she’s got!

This is a rare RE set that DOESN’T feature monster sex! Jill gets bent over, pounded from the front, and even uses her dainty feet to get herself out of trouble. There are some amazing blowjob scenes in this set, along with a wonderfully expressive facial sequence. One of NSF’s best works!

Bio-Evil Series by Redrobot3D

This one is for all you hardcore horror/parody fans out there! We’ve got 5 freaky sets in the store, featuring RE-esque characters and tons of weird hotness. Breast inflation, cock growth, ‘doggy’ style sets, and how could we forget tentacles?!

RR actually puts disclaimers on some of these sets, which might excite you even more! Curious? Why not take a look into the dark side?  

Residential Evil Series by 3DZen

Another heavy hitter in the dark, phantasmagorical genre of 3DX! Zen has been cranking out this creepy RE series for a long time, and boy let me me tell you: you’ve never seen more outlandish monster sex! Transformation, chest parasites, four legged horndogs…you really have to check it out to believe it.

If you can’t get enough of the ‘fucked up’ stuff, check out Zen’s “Shades of Darkness series, as well. 3D doesn’t get much darker than that!  

Valentine Chronicles: Salvation by Forged3DX

Jill awakens to find that she’s been infected! She scrambles for the antidote, but of course, things will not be so easy. A familiar voice, soft and demanding, gets her attention, and agent Valentine realizes that she’ll have to do a lot more than beg to get the cure…

This smokey futa on female romp might just have you begging for salvation. With multiple poses, closeups and no less than three cumshot scenes, Jill ends up being covered in head to toe with girl spunk. Will it be enough to earn her the antidote, or will her curvaceous captor require more?

This set also includes a rousing trailer for the accompanying animation!