F: Thanks for taking time to talk to us. Please, tell us what you’ve been working on lately.

Eris3D: I was making a comic called by Don’t touch it 2. 

F: Is it a direct continuation from the first Don’t Touch It that you’ve created?

E: Yes. The two characters from the first episode will be in this episode again. The girl responsible for human resources will turn into a futa and new adventures will begin after this transformation.

F: Are you now focusing 100% on this project or are you working on another one in parallel?

E: This project finished today. I’m starting a new commission job.

Commision work example from Eris3D

F: Is it a private commission or will you be adding it later to your public catalogue?

E: I plan to sell this too, so it is in my public catalogue.

F: That’s great to hear. Would you like to tell us something about this project, as well? What could your readers expect?

E: I don’t want to give too many spoilers about the story, but I can talk about what it contains in general. There will be a gloryhole and sex toys will be used, there will be 3 futa characters and these characters will be familiar faces that I have used in my previous comics.

F: That will tickle people’s interest. To wrap up, is there any other project planned for the farther future?

E: Of course I have many projects and comics. The plan of all the comics I will make for 3 months is completely ready.

F: Great! Any highlight you’d like to share with us? Any particular project you’re looking forwards to doing?

E: Yes, I have a big comic book series, I guess I will start this comic after I finish a few jobs(1 month after).

F: We’ll be looking forwards to it, too. Thank you for your time, now we’ll pass the word to our readers!

E: Thanks, have a good time!


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