Cafe: Hey, Eris! Thanks for taking a quick minute to talk with us! You’re relatively new to the 3DX scene, but your work has been very well accepted: futa fans appreciate you!

What was it that got you into doing 3DX, and futa content specifically? Any inspirations?

Eris: I’ve always loved futa! I chose to produce instead of consuming for a day, and futa seemed like the natural choice. I’ve been inspired by artists like Lewdua, and 3D creators like Miro and Squarepeg…there’s probably more… 

Cafe: That’s a good start, though: all great creators in their own respects. I’m always impressed by how much inspiration 3D creators can take from artists like Lewdua, it just goes to show that our creativity isn’t limited by the mediums we use!

So tell us a bit about what’s been going on with your work, and maybe some teasers about upcoming projects!

Eris: Well, I’ve been getting a lot of commission work requests lately, so I’m trying to get these done. Speaking of commission works, I’ve currently completed four comics and six pin-ups that came from commissions.

I have a nice comic planned for the near future about a futa who is a student at a college, but I don’t have the whole scenario laid out because I’m waiting for feedback from my Patreon page!

I’m planning to make a poll about it and let my patrons decide what they want to see.

I’d like to thank all the people who came to me for commission requests because they gave me another pair of eyes and different kinds of ideas opened up my horizons.

Cafe: Aw yeah, that’s awesome! Commission work can be grueling, but it definitely forces perspective, haha.

Thank you so much for your time, Eris, we look forward to seeing more of your intriguing, delightfully quirky futa stories!

If you like sexy futanari, transformation stories and 3D comics that offer something ‘a bit different’, you’ll wanna support this up and coming creator! Check out their Patreon page and take a peek at our offerings on the NGP store, you’ll be glad you did!