Everyone has something they wish for, including stunning futanari elves with huge, dripping cocks. Good news is, sometimes, having a big rod and lust for ages is all that´s needed to summon the magical forces that will make your dreams come true. All you have to do is fuck like crazy for a while, then a petit fairy will pop up, you fuck her, make her squirt all over the place with a huge ahegao, and voilà! Wish granted. 

Kara and Tammy, two dickgirl elves with determination and dicktermination, have heard of this magical elixir that will summon a wish fairy if you fuck hard enough after taking it. And they said, challenge accepted! What ensues is Nonsane´s new, fully-texted fantasy erotic story, Elven Adventures: Work for Wishes!

Oral Legends

After trying out the filter, Kara and Tammy´s dicks rise with lustful hunger, and before they know it, they´re going at it like horndogs, sucking on each other´s elven dongs and bringing each other to ecstasy. After the first round of this lewd ritual, and as promised, their desire has summoned a fairy! She´s small, but you´ll be surprised of how much dick she can take. Now, as a final test, Kara and Tammy must bring her unspeakable pleasure…

The Flying Cocksleeve

And so the fairy takes her dicking, all while performing some impressive aerial stunts. Pussies and dicks get sucked, cum shoots and flows inside the tiny jizz vessel, and juices of all kinds splatter around in the madness! Will this impressive display be enough to fry the fairy´s brain with pleasure? Or will she double down on those literally cocky elves, presenting them with an even bigger challenge for their seemingly tireless dicks? Find out with Nonsane´s latest release, right now at NGP store!


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