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Sex, Bath & Beyond, by Taziota

Those who love Taziota’s signature visual style will absolutely splooge over this 80-piece image set! Not one, but two stunning Asian girls with massive boobs (just like we’ve learned to expect from the artist) are eyeing each other at a bath in Malibu. A bit of lesbian action seems to be in order, as they act out their lust making out and playing with each other’s body. It’s not long before their boyfriends arrive, attracted by their lewd sounds, but don’t worry, they’re not the jealous type! Rather, they have a “sharing is caring” mentality, as they are quick to swap girls and give them some double dose of cock deep into their pussies and assholes!

Public Sex Nymphos, by The Merovingian

This is the story of Angel, a petit Asian girl who’s not as innocent as she looks… Her huge boyfriend (in all senses of the word) is about to find out he scored a way bigger price than he thought initially. She’s a woman of many talents: unstoppable cocksucker, premium anal bottom, and quite skilled with her feet. This 80-page erotic story will please Asian girl lovers and size difference enjoyers alike, as the tiny Asian girl gets a Western-size dose of girthy cock that will stuff her with more cum than she can handle!

Attack of the Orcs part 1: Assimilation, by The Merovingian

Since you can never have too much of a good thing, The Merovingian pleases us with yet another erotic set, this time with 66 pages of a fantasy-themed ganbang! An innocent maiden sunbathes in abandoned ruins, catching the attention of a band of wandering orcs. They approach her dick first, ready to feast on her delicate, juicy body. The maiden will be put through an experience she’ll never forget, as her body is used and all her holes ravaged by those meaty cocks… She resists at first, but somewhere along the line, it would seem to be that a new, forbidden lust is awakening in her…