Say what you want about pole dancing, but that shit is hard. It takes real skill and defined muscle to swing and flip worth a damn, but as tough as it might be, there’s a different kind of pole in question here that has the potential to be even harder… 

Grab your singles and snag a lapdance, cause’ we’re talking about “Pole Dancers” pt 1 by Pat3dx! This is our first offering from this exceptional, up and coming futacentric creator, and we’re keen to announce it as it struts down the runway. Queue that dirty rock and get the show started!

Gorgeous, fit Estelle has been dancing her whole life, but she wants to break out of the norm and try something new. When she shows up at the pole dancing studio, however, she’s shocked to catch the owner, Vanessa, stuffing her pole into Sasha, one of her best dancers. How’s that for an introduction?

At 114 Full HD images, this set is worth plenty of tips! Pat’s style is ultra clean, the expressions are top notch, and the cool, realistic colors are absolutely stunning. Voyeurism, pussy and anal fucking, blowjobs, and of course, sticky, girly loads of futa cum await you in this athletic set! It seems like Estelle has found exactly what she’s been looking for, and I think she’ll get along with her new career just fine ;).



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