Goth college student Hailey is having a rough night. She just broke up with her girlfriend, so she went out for a couple drinks, but she overdid it and blacked out. When she opens her eyes next time, she’ll find herself in jail… but don’t worry, ‘cause this story has a happy ending! It turns out Hailey got lucky: the jailer, a stunning blonde who, you’d never guess it, is hiding a dick under her uniform, would like to perform a closer examination of this bad girl.

With the first episode of this image set, Bad Day, we welcome a new artist to the team! Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you Pat3dx, who will be joining us with his amazing futa content! This prolific artist has a ton of content to their name, featuring girls with and without hungry cocks, giving each other a good time. Be sure to check out Pat3dx’s sweet, sweet girls and even toss ‘em a coin on Patreon or SS for full access to their weekly erotic stories!


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