Aliens impregnated by futa cock, slasher parodies where people actually get to fuck, and monster wrestling turned dickgirl threesomes: all of them have a place in NGP. In fact, some of them are only found in our store! We proudly present a collection of exclusive content that you can only find in our site, all of it curated for the highest quality. Why don’t we take a look at the variety of products you can choose from? You’re sure to find one of your liking – or more!

First Contact 14, by Goldenmaster

Knocking up an alien chick while drunk on intergalactic booze wasn’t exactly Katie’s plan, but in a happy twist of fate, it turns out that the local futa church is more than happy with the results of that interspecies fuckery. So much so, that Katie gets invited (dragged?) to the temple, where all the dickgirl priestess, and their equally muscular guards, give Katie a warm (and white and hot) thank you by piling up on top of her and fucking her to kingdom come. First Contact 14, by Goldenmaster, features 206 FHD images of non-stop alien orgies!

Final Girls – Sorority Row Collection, by The Lost Boyz

Leaving aside the futa creatures for a bit, The Lost Boyz brings us a delightful parody/love letter of the 80s slasher genre, with this 221 4K panel comic (and a bonus pinup collection). The main characters, as one would expect from any 80s slasher that praises as such, are horny as all hell, and between all that cock sucking, fucking, lesbian sex and masturbation, the killer is on the prowl, attracted by the moans and squelches of our potential victims. Who will be the final girls and who will join the kill count? Or should we say… the kill cunt?

Duel to the Holes 2, by Goldenmaster

In this sequel to the much praised Rule34 parody comic, Noi and Nikaido, brand new futa girlfriends, are ambushed by a futa monster who demands their absolute submission. They won’t surrender without a fight… but their opponent is formidable, and pounds and punishes their throats and assholes mercilessly! Watch the three futanaris wrestle and fuck until one side rises victorious and drippy! This 240 FHD image set features tons of monster sex, transformation, extreme double anal, and huge creampies! 


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