The Lost Boys has earned a very special place at NGP as a master of character and storytelling who can draw readers in with compelling characters before launching them into their next steamy fuck. Straight-to-the-point action porn will always have a place in our hearts, of course, but what about those of us who like some context and build-up to better enjoy the down and dirty?

If you find yourself in the latter category, or would like to give it a try, The Lost Boyz is an indispensable artist for your library of lewds! Here we bring not one, but two products, with a total of four sexy stories and over 20 bonus renders and pinups for you to get a closer look at the gorgeous girls showcased in these stories! Let’s take a closer look at the goods.

Horny Highschool

In the first chapter of Homecoming, Megyn bailed the dance to enjoy herself some hunk cock instead, but now, her boytoy is away, and she’s feeling lonely, playing with toys in the shower… Who’s going to satisfy her appetites? As the next high school dance approaches, she decides to give the other team a try and asks out Bea, a somewhat nerdy girl who transforms into an absolute bombshell after a makeover! As they eat each other out and experiencing the true pleasure of the female body, Megyn discovers that she likes pussy way more than she would have imagined…

Chapter 2 of Homecoming, “Spring Fling”, is out already! Over 70 pages with textless variants, four pinups, and eight bonus renders of naked gals posing lovingly for you, what else could you ask for?

Sticky Quickie

The return of yet another The Lost Boyz’s hit is finally here! After the success of their first Shortz Collection, a new installment hits our store, fresh new from the artist’s vault. Shortz Collection Vol. 2 features three porn snippets taking place in the same world as Homecoming, following three MILFs and their steamy encounters after hours. We’ll see Megyn’s mom following on her daughter’s steps and giving pussy a try with a hot French girl who knows tre bien how to scissor, her friend’s adventure taking a high school student’s virginity, and an office lady getting thoroughly dicked while stuck in an elevator with a massively endowed hunk.

The Lost Boyz’s signature talents of smooth, realistic renders and compelling storylines, as well as their wonderful habit of gifting us with bonuses and pinups, shine as always in these brand new products. Don’t waste any time and get your eyes on these beauties, they’re horny and waiting for you!