Is two better than one? Most of the time, the answer is a resounding yes, but that goes twice if the subject in question is a young, nubile futanari! No, you’re not seeing double, we’re talking about “Futa Twins” by 3DZen, and practically everything about them is two for the price of one!

It’s a well known fact that 18 year old futas have raging, uncontrollable libidos. It’s become such a problem for our twins, Kayla and Kylie, that their father becomes concerned. Thankfully, the girls’ stepmom, a busty milf named Amelia, has practice with such delicate matters, and takes it upon herself (as her ‘motherly’ duty) to teach her stepdaughters how to keep it in check.

And what better way to gain control over something than to go crazy and let it all loose?!

In classic 3DZen style, this 113 Quad HD set comes complete with great dialogue and a fantastic amount of set up! Superb pacing and stunning visuals display Kayla and Kylie as surprisingly innocent virgins, despite their constant need to nut, and the Milf dynamic definitely hits a sweet spot that many futa fans crave.

Even though these girls are twins, 3DZen went well out of their way to make both of them unique: even their cocks are different sizes! The range of fetishes in this one is impressive; 3DZen’s got everything from anal and pussy eating to auto-felatio and sister on sister blowjobs! Hell, the themes go even farther when Amelia teaches them that they can eat their own cum as an aphrodisiac, even if it’s out of her ass, and, did someone say, ‘double penetration’?       

All in all, “Futa twins” is another solid entry in the 3DZen universe, and even though it has some much loved similarities to other entries, it is in no way ‘identical’ to anything else they’ve ever rendered!



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