The world of 3DX is a vibrant, diverse landscape of artists, old and new, that bring us their own unique vision of 3D erotica. No two creators are the same; all of them make a contribution to the ever growing library of comics, sets, animations and games that the Internet has to offer.

Some of these artists have been around since forever it seems, perfecting their craft and bringing us their signature characters and stories. And every year, more and more artists join the pool of talented creators that offer us the juiciest, most gorgeous characters that come out of their graphic cards.

Today we’d like to focus on one of these latter contributors, an artist that hasn’t been out in the public for long but has managed to sustain a strong growth in followers, with their impressive original models and their comic strips full of dynamism and personality. Today we’d like to talk about Eris3D, prolific erotic comic artist, upcoming visual novel creator and cultured futanari enjoyer!

Dickgirls for Days

With Eris3D, every day is Girls Day. The female characters that we can all enjoy seeing in these comics are full of personality, spark and sexual curiosity. These realistic, grounded renders of beautiful women contrast in the best of ways with the massive dongers many of them sport, further reinforcing the shocking size of those meat rods. No wonder why so many ladies in these comics are so hungry for some inches: there’s plenty to go around.

Eris3D’s characters are adventurous, daring, and complement their endowment with rocking hips anyone could fall in love with. Now, please note, that every girl that starts out as such in one of these comics, has a fairly strong chance of growing a dick of her own before the end of chapter 1, 2 at most. That’s right, fans of futa transformation stories will get their fill and then some with Eris3D’s comics. Watch the awe and arousal in these girls’ face as they watch those throbbing erections project out between their legs, and find out how they manage (or mismanage) their newly found lust. We all know it, we all love it, and we’re all here for it.

Cocks That Leap from the Pages

3DX comics are nothing new, but what sets Eris3D apart from other creators is their capability to render dynamic, lively panels full of personality. The handwritten text, coloured captions and expressive visual effects give life to these images like nothing else could. When you see a panel by Eris3D, you can feel every twitch, every rush of blood, every heartbeat. These aren’t plain erotic images, these capture all the vitality and energy of an erotic build-up and lewd pay-off like few other artists.

We hear you: many enjoy your porn much more if there’s life, if there’s character, if there’s a story. Eris3D knows this as well, and brings exactly what you’re looking for. The scintillating situations these characters go through are unique and memorable, and we know the importance of an interesting setup for a satisfying final cumshot. Do we not?

Stories, Games and More

Currently, Eris3D is working on advancing the many ongoing series of comics they have brought into this world. Also, they have commissions open! So, if after checking out their juicy work you want to see your stories come to life by their hand, don’t hesitate to contact them! Twitter, Discord, you name it: you could be the next lucky fellow to see your fantasies rendered by this amazing artist. Also, of course, there is their Patreon. If you become a supporter, you’ll access tons of perks including special image sets, Discord benefits, access to polls to request story turns and beats for upcoming projects, wallpapers, and even the right to ask for your own comic! 


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