Supro3D fans are definitely getting spoiled. And those who still might have not heard of this artist but who are into femdom, growth, transformation, size difference, futanari or any of all of the above combined, are more than invited to join the Supro3D bandwagon: you will get your fill.

And what’s better than a collection of image sets and porn stories, to indulge in these juicy fetishes? Let’s see what’s new in the NGP catalogue!

She Who Fears No Dick Shall Get Them All

Elizabeth is a gorgeous brunette with a clear goal in life: getting dicked as much as possible. Male, dickgirl, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s girthy and spurts a ton of the nice stuff. She always finds herself in situations where her desire gets fulfilled, and we get to watch. In this collection of stories, Elizabeth will be subjected to man dick, futa dick, transformed dick, grown dick, and even green giantess dick. She can take it all: oral, anal, vaginal, you name it. There’s no huge cock too huge for her: watch her encounter a hung futa at the beach, an ancient creature in the jungle, a man who can transform into a hung beast, and an unsuspected magician’s assistant who’s about to be subjected to a sexy spell. Check out Supro3D’s Elizabeth’s Collection for al these stories as well as bonus wallpapers!

Huge Cock Cums In All Sizes

Those who follow Supro3D’s work know that this artist’s jam is fantasy, so why not get the Fantasy Collection? See elves, orcs, goblins and magical creatures engage in all sorts of crazy mating. Pussy-height futa goblin girls, mighty orc dickgirls in the mood for a gangbang, and stunning goddesses who will receive a tribute in cock are just a few examples of this fiesta of lust and engorged members. Get your hands on this collection for a fine tasting menu of Supro3D’s signature fetishes and undeniable erotic talent!