Vicky has just landed the job of her life. A rich blonde with big breasts and an ever bigger confidence has eyed her, and offered her a full time position as her maid in her villa. Vicky is excited! She’ll finally be able to pay the bills and live the life she’s dreamed of! But little does she know that her duties will go way beyond cooking and cleaning, and her futa dick will be put to use again and again from now on!

In Pat3dx’s new contemporary futanari story, Vicky Devoted Maid, we’re introduced to the tale of how a shy and meek futa finds herself overwhelmed by luxury, class, and powerful women who are thirsty for her cum. Right off the bat, when her employer Amanda brings her home in her limo, the blonde will flash her cock and reach for Vicky’s, determined to get that cumshot out of her for her own delight. All while the driver watches through the rear mirror and touches her own cock as well.

It turns out that Amanda has a little bit of a dickgirl obsession, surrounding herself by dominant rich futas as well as sexy, brunette servants that can feed her never ending lust. Even before Vicky dons her maid uniform with her dick swinging in the air, she encounters all these new characters with which she’ll get involved sooner or later. Is there romance in the air, with the sexy driver? Is that strong, dominant futa who’s Amanda’s friend, going to teach Vicky her place? After all that masturbation and Vicky’s natural talent with blowjobs, who gets to fuck the maid first?

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