Dubious is Delightful

Despite the erotic horror genre growing more popular by the day, some people still have their doubts about it, understandably so. Afterall, does anyone really want to see Jill Valentine and her cohorts getting dicked and being dragged through the pussy licking of a lifetime by a creature whose tongue is the entire length of its body?

Premier proprietor of dark themes and fantastic futa, 3Dzen, says yes!

Nextgenporn Resident Evil 8

A gr-eight escape

This long running Resident Evil parody is getting close to the double digits with “Night Train” but 3Dzen didn’t wait to put double the action in this one. If you’ve been following this series at all, you know that getting impregnated by grotesque monster sex is all in a day’s work for this busty group, but the girls are still pulling up their boots and pushing forward as they struggle to put an end to this horny strain.

On the run through an underground subway, Jill takes cover in an abandoned train car from two pussy licking fiends who are hell bent on getting their mitts on her sweet curves. Exhausted, Jill decides to take a quick nap, but she has no idea that the train car seems to have more than one entrance…ironically, not unlike herself…

Zen switches gears and focuses on a raunchy threesome in this 72 image, 2K set! The beautiful blonde gets a rude awakening when she receives not one but two huge facial cumshots, which of course, contain the dreaded virus! Oh no! What choice does she have but to engage in a raucous, cum swallowing frenzy as she takes an anal creampie? Not to worry, this fan art favorite is a professional, and she can handle more than just a few loads. Everything will be fine, as long as she doesn’t take a cumshot that’s so huge that it’s anything close to what could be called cum inflation…yeah…as long as that doesn’t happen 😉 

3DZen has a little secret at the end, as well, so stay tuned for the much anticipated sequels!

Nextgenporn Resident Evil 8