Unfaithful Fornicators

I’m sure you’ve seen shows and movies about cheating and cuckoldry: who hasn’t? There are a million pornos about it, and almost everyone knows someone who was cheated on. (Maybe you were the culprit!)

But what you might not have seen, unless you’ve been following sexy3Dcomics’ work, is this long running, hole stuffing, BBC on wife series! Totally unapologetic, there are taboo themes presented here that are hard to find in even real porn, and we’ve got the latest!

Prepare to be Blackmaled

Pretty blonde wifey Layla is still dissatisfied with her marriage, but her secret sex life has been popping off! She’s already experienced the power of interracial love, but she’s not quite an ‘expert’ in the field.

Thankfully, she has friends who can help (and eat!) her out. Afterall, in an underground world of adultery and deviancy, sharing is caring!

Even Layla’s wildest fantasies can’t compare to what Jen has in store for her in this pussy stuffing part three. It’s one thing to be the only girl getting gangbanged in the room, but cucking and sharing a thick cock at the same time? This lusty blonde is about to be currupted yet again!

Of course, no marital disruption would be complete without deep, doggy style creampies and tricking the hubby into spending money on her “wife training”. If only he had an idea of what she was really doing…what would Layla do then?