The wait is over!

Rikolo content is finally here! Yes, that’s my opener…what else is there to say?!

You want a big ass futanari animation, you’ve got it! Rikolo focuses on substantial video content: no whack ass 30 second loops here, this best of show creator puts the capital P in Production, in both quality and run time (and cum)! Massive girl dongs and deliciously plush, bouncing big tits are the name of the game, and if that sounds like a game you want front row seats to, you’re in luck! 

Premature Punishment

“Corporate training” is, as the name states, all about business. Rebecca is a tough yet fair boss: all she expects is for her employees to do their best…or else, they get the ‘business’ end of her huge cock!

Her shy secretary is a bit ‘premature’ when it comes to laying down a work load, but the busty, business savvy hussy just won’t have it: afterall, if a secretary can’t handle such a stressful job (and a bullet vibrator strapped to her cockhead!) then maybe she isn’t ‘cut out’’ for the job…

So Rebecca will just have to find a different kind of ‘job’ for Hana to do…

22 minutes of futa on futa femdom and loads of spurting cum await Hana! She just can’t handle the stimulation, so her boss is dead set on teaching her all about stamina, oral or otherwise! Rikolo doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to thick girls being filled, and this glasses wearing secretary is no exception. The pair moves seamlessly through multiple sex positions all over Rebecca’s office…let’s just hope Hana can learn how to pace herself, or she may very well be working overtime!