A woman’s touch

We’ve covered the deep, sensual stylings of X3rr4’s work in the past, and her renders continue to offer high quality, female protagonist driven stories. If you’ve been looking for more of that in your life, then keep reading, because we’ve got something wonderful for you! 

And it’s totally free!

Flirtatious Futility

Ready for a 3D game experience that’s sure to ‘blow’ away the competition? X3rr4’s “Hanna: Futile Resistance part 1 and 2” fit the bill and then some!

Join Hanna, a busty, beautiful city gal who likes to have all kinds of adventures. It seems like she may need a bit of help navigating her day to day life, and you, the player, will have the final say in where she ends up!

What starts as a simple journey will become far deeper than it first appears as Hanna stumbles across one situation after another. From being groped on a train to showing off expensive clothing, there’s never a dull moment! It doesn’t seem like anyone can keep their hands off Hanna’s big tits and big ass…maybe not even her best friend…who’s so close that she might as well be a sister!

Click through tons of high quality frames, animated content and mini games as Hanna’s situations go from ‘oh my’ to ‘uh oh!’ In the blink of an eye. In a city full of blackmail, sexual harassment, drugs, and cheating lowlifes, Hanna just wants a little fun and romance. Okay…and maybe to do a little teasing of her own!

At the incredibly low price of free, there’s not a single reason to pass up this masterpiece! And hey, if Hanna ends up in a bad relationship…or jail (not sure which is worse) you can always start over and explore the many other options. Did I mention that Hanna swings both ways? 😉 


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