New artist alert! New artist alert! Strap in, folks, ‘cause there’s a new kid on the block, and this addition comes in hard with not one, not two, but five products at once!

Give a warm welcome to Intrigue3D, who joins the family with their best step forwards, presenting a well-assorted collection of futanari and straight content to lighten up your entire week. With supernatural stories, genetic experiments gone wrong (or very right?) and alternate universes where everything’s possible, Intrigue3D’s original characters are here to claim a place in our hearts and our dickgirl stashes. If you’re a fan of erotic fantasy comics and huge, huuuuuge penis(es), then Intrigue3D’s got you, and they got you good.

Devil Ladies Have It Bigger

Let’s say that our new fellow has a thing for devil girls and futas. The accurately-titled A Devilishly Good Time, Appetite For The Wicked, and Succubus Lust, three brand new image sets, give good faith (or bad faith?) of that. Naugthy fiendish females, with or without hell cock, are thirsting for some action and will take over any poor soul they come across, pushing them over the edge of sacrilegious pleasure. Will these mortals endure the encounter, or will they forever fall for the demonic allure of these succubi? There’s only one way to find out…

We Can Always Use One More Cock

And what else has Ingrigue3D in store for us? Well, glad you asked. If you want some futa-on-female punkgirl action, you can check out the selfcest one-shot Zoey x Zoey, where two very different version of the same stunning gal get it on in kinky lingerie. If you’re more on the straight side of things, DNA: Dicks Need Attention might be right down your alley. Our resident hunk Adrian has just grown a second, massive cock thanks to SCIENCE, but luckily for him, his two female coworkers are just the nicest girls in the world and will tend to those aching erections.

Check out now the work of our new artist, Intrigue3D, available at the NGP store!



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