Sometimes the best surprise a lady can get is a proud and girthy girl-cock ready to take her. It’s as simple as that. For the lovers of this endearing, wholesome tale as old as time, we present you NGP’s Best 3 futa products released during the month of November. If you’ve missed them, now’s the chance to consider adding them to your library. Here are our best picks for the month!

Switch_play, by Nonsane

The great thing about dreams is that everything is possible. This futa girl finds herself in a dreamlike world, with a very willing, very hungry red-haired beauty who’s more than intrigued about that large dick and all it can do. This 11+ minute animation by Nonsense doesn’t beat around the bush and get straight to the action, so every second is oozing with delicious erotism.

Home Invasion, by 3DZen and HZR

Futa retail seller Jade is smitten by Chezara, her gorgeous client. Her cock is so hard for her that she can’t take it anymore: fapping is no longer enough. So she sneaks into Chezara’s home trying to give her some. At first, Chezara isn’t exactly thrilled about it, but once she sees what Jade is sporting under her skirt, everything will change!

Sapphire Shrine, by Paradox3D

This fantasy-themed 3-parter by NGP’s newest artist Paradox proves that if you’re a blonde elf prisoner, chained in an ancient dungeon all by yourself, perhaps all you need to make your day way better is the unexpected arrival of a futa explorer who’s just as hot for you as you are for her. It is the simple things that make all the difference, you know.


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