Fut-thousand 22!

While things seem to be getting progressively crazier in the world, there are a few inevitabilities in the upcoming year. No, I’m not talking about death and taxes, I’m talking about dickgirl porn!

Seriously, what else would we be talking about?

Futanari 3DX isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and neither are we! That’s why we’re thrilled to be taking on new artists in 2022: artists like Eden3dx! What do they have to offer to the futanari genre, you may ask? Well, let’s take a look behind ‘whore’ number one, shall we?

Enslaved and drained

There’s nothing quite like waking up and realizing that you’re tied and bound in a strange place. What might be stranger, is when you realize there’s a demon succubus with a huge cock waiting to ‘punish’ you, and you’re not the only victim in the room!

That’s exactly what happens to Sarah in “Demonic Pleasure” incidentally…

This high quality, BDSM romp begs the questions: how many kinks can a creator cram into a 64 image, modern fantasy set?  Let’s see…

Multiple cumshots by an all dickgirl cast, a blowjob from a cum demented slave, a threesome, and… Hold on, let’s take a breath. Giant sex toys, anal, fisting, lactation and ultimately, corruption! All this in 64 images, can you believe that?!

Eden’s cum texture and expressions (lots of ahegao if you’re into that!) are particularly good, and boy oh boy, is there A LOT of girl cream in this set. We’re excited to be offering Eden’s work in the store, and we look forward to seeing more luscious D-girl action from them! 


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