Can we all take a break from whatever it is that we are doing, and instead appreciate how gorgeous and well realised the visuals of Jill Containment Zone are? This one-shot depicting the S.T.A.R.S. bad-ass supercop giving the business to the dead – and the living – deserves no less than that! You know a 3DX artist is great when the looks of his image sets are just as good, if not better, than the triple A game they’re based on!

NSF brings us this cinematic porn experience, featuring Jill Valentine in her Resi 3 Remake version, fearlessly taking up zombies, looters, and oversized cop cocks like it’s nothing! Interested? You should! Let’s dive in and see what makes this product a must have for all Resi fans and 3DX connoisseurs in general.

Take me by the hand

We all agree that a great introduction leads to a fantastic erotic experience, right? Well, NSF has us covered. They showcase their filmmaker’s eye from the first frame, introducing our main character and her great assets – mental and physical – in a moody alley with great ambience and lighting. Perfect to kill some zombies and show some horny rivals who’s boss!

Fans of the franchise in particular will appreciate the accurate depiction of Jill Valentine, making this experience even more involving. NSF not only managed to portray the S.T.A.R.S. agent so accurately that her character model seems right out of the game itself, but also, her strong demeanour and no-bs attitude are perfectly translated into every single shot of this image set. This is the most believable rendition of Miss Valentine that you’ve seen in a long time, guaranteed!

And about that plot…

After shooting down some undead with her sharp aim, Jill finds herself cornered by a few policemen with shady intentions. Oh, but little do they know, they’re going against Jill Valentine herself… 

She perfectly keeps her cool under this new threat, and proceeds to incapacitate her attackers, not with her gun or grenades, but with her stunning naked body and her cocksucking talents! (Don’t worry, there’s some cowgirl action there too.)


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