The much awaited sequel to Lewd Futasy and Solitary Café’s gym-themed futa story, A Big Impression, is finally here! Artist and writer have come together again – no pun intended… maybe? – to bring us the continuation of this lustful friendship between the petit Asian girl Kimiko and the ebony muscle mountain, Ashley. But does is stand up to the original? Let’s find out.

All The Good Stuff

No Pain, No Bang is a set of 42 images with text, very much like its predecessor. With a fluid narrative style and engaging characters, it takes us by the hand through a simple, charming and very creative setting. Now Kimiko is back for another set of reps, in this case in a private class with Ashley. 

The blood gets pumping as rep sets go by, and the cute pointy bulge in Kimiko’s pants cannot be hidden anymore. No Pain, No Bang shows a level of quality and amazing artistry on both visuals and script that is in line with its wonderful Part 1. The character models are detailed and full of personality, the framing of the images lets you see all the action at once, and the anatomy and facial features are so well made that you feel you are there, sharing the room with these two friendly and horny futas.

Expand and Erect

Now begs the question: this image set is good and all, on its own, but does it do what a sequel is supposed to do? Elaborate on the characters, expand on the universe, continue the story in a meaningful way. Short answer is: yes, it does. 

By putting the characters we know in a new yet familiar situation, we explore how their erotic and athletic games evolve. We can see very creative situations where typical gym exercises become sex play so naturally that it never feels like a “porn script”, a poorly crafted excuse to see some dick-in-‘gina.  Reading No Pain, No Bang is a delightful combination of engaging, fun and scintillating. You can’t miss on this gem on our store! Head out there right now and give it a look, it won’t disappoint!


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