There are monstrous beings out there, lurking in the dark… With huge cocks that would burst open a normal pussy in seconds, and a savage appetite that far outweighs that of a human being. Every now and then, they come across a more or less unsuspecting female victim, and so, they take her and pump her full of their monster seed, sometimes even forcing them to conceive the next lustful creature. 

And since that is hot as all hell, we’re here to spotlight what we believe are some of the best monster sex products that have graced our catalogue as of late. Enormous cocks, futa transformation, Rule34 and creature impregnation are just some of the fetishes you’ll enjoy in these scintillating stories! Let’s take a look.

The Summoner series, by Korben Moon

One of our newest contributors, Korben Moon, hits the ground running with the three chapters (and growing) of The Summoner, the fantasy monster sex saga where breaking human limits is just foreplay. Sorceresses, warriors and elves will fall prey to strange creatures, all with dicks bigger than these ladies thought could ever fit in their bodies. Be it in pursuit of a powerful item or just as victims of cruel dungeon lurkers, our heroines will get stuffed to the brim with monster jizz. This series features body modification, extreme blowjobs and penetration, cascades of cum and belly bulges for ages. Truly a treat for those who love seeing the limits of reality pushed for the sake of some good maiden boning.

Breeding Grounds, by 3DZen

This (for now) one-shot by long established artist 3DZen shows us fierce warrior Tulsi being dominated by two xenomorphic creatures with overwhelming breeding instincts! She doesn’t want to be used as an egg sack, at first, but little does she know that today’s monsters are equipped with very convenient horny venom that they’ll forcefully inject into her system, turning her into a horny cum vacuum that will receive and incubate their seed. She’ll get all her holes used, and finally, she’ll end up covered head to toe in monster cum, her inflated womb full of that cock milk which will soon make her the mother of even more horny abominations…

Bio-Evil: Side Effects, by RedRobot3D

Of course, we wouldn’t dare to put together a top monster sex list without at least one entry featuring Resident Evil Rule 34. But there’s a twist here! Fan favourite supercop Jill Valentine won’t be the victim of breeders this time, but rather, she’ll transform into the breeder herself! As a result of the lewd experiments Cumbrella performed on her, her body has changed, and now, she’s growing a cock… A wolf cock, to be precise! And will you look at the time, it’s Fuck-The-Scientist-Who-Did-This-To-You time! That blonde doesn’t know what’s cumming to her… Or does she?