Same Story, Different Dong

Between super hero movies, video game series and even commercials, (for crying out loud!) it seems like everything is getting a reboot these days. While some may be shameless cash grabs that rely on nostalgia and the success of classic novels (I won’t name any names), reboots aren’t always a bad thing. Hell, sometimes they can better than the original in every way, especially if they involve shy, nerdy girls with lesbian crushes on their childhood friends…

Oh, and to be even more specific, the nerdy gal has a big ol’, throbbing secret, one that’s totally ready to be told and retold in all its glory…

Apprehensive Appendage

Xalas Studios presents a full retelling of a wildly popular futanari animation from way back when: “My Best Friend’s Secret: Retold”! 

Lilian Peterson is nervous about finishing up her senior year: after all, her whole life is about to change with everyone going off to college. She can’t bear the thought of parting with her best friend, Miranda, the school’s most popular blonde bombshell. Of course, it’s more than just end of year jitters that have got her on edge…something very strange happened to her only a month prior, and she wonders how much longer she’ll be able to keep it, or her affections for Miranda, under wraps…

16 minutes of fully narrated, colourfully animated futa on girl action awaits in this exciting new reboot! A sinister porn video turns the innocent eighteen year old into a girl with a raging hard erection, but she can’t say no to a sleepover with her best friend, can she?

Thankfully, Miranda is a lot more open minded than her friend thought she might be, and in the middle of the night, sparks, and tons of spraying cum, go off in a dick riding, footjob extravaganza!

Perhaps Lilian’s “curse” turns out to be much more of a well endowed blessing, but time will tell if she’s able to handle her monstrous new addition…and if Miranda will stick around for more.  


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