In today’s stressful, sometimes cut throat society, we could all benefit from a little professional help. Sometimes all we need is to vent, or a little guidance, and a little counseling can go a long way. Of course, if you’re a severely attractive model with a niche fetish that consumes every hour of your existence, then you might want some therapy that goes beyond the traditional…something that caters very specifically to your special problem…

Overly Qualified Professional

Amelie Rochester is feeling a bit ‘insane’ in Nonsane’s “Adick-tion Therapy: Un-model Behavior”! This perfect 10 beauty has a real problem: no matter what she does, she can’t stop fantasizing about huge cock futanari! Sounds hot? Well, it’s a serious issue, so take it seriously! What’s hot about a big tits brunette struggling not to masturbate to her own fantasies, anyway? It’s a medical condition: have some respect!

In her harrowing struggle, Amelie tries yoga and breathing exercises, but her mind makes her fantasies so real…too real! Nonsane pulls out all the stops and presents Amelie’s fantasies from several titillating angles, complete with mouth watering camel-toe shots and a cheek-stuffing blowjob! Her therapist sucks: yoga isn’t helping at all! Guess she’ll need a new, highly qualified professional…

Meanwhile, Miss Joceylynn Whitley, a bookish, glasses wearing addiction specialist downtown, is feeling upset that all her patients are old and washed up. Unbeknownst to any of her clients, she’s packing more than just a few degrees and counseling certificates! She gets a bit too excited when she sees her new client, and let’s just say more than sparks fly as she rushes to guzzle up her oral relief, selfsuck success!

It’s the first chapter in what promises to be another ahegao charged, cum spewing, dickgirl masterpiece! Of course: what else would you expect from the master of Nonsanity? 😉