Cafe: Hello Codemonkey! It’s honestly super cool to finally get a chance to speak with you. I’m a personal fan of your work, and we’re excited to hear about what you’ve got lined up for the future! But first, a question I’ve been asking creators recently: what’s been inspiring you lately?

Codemonkey: So, what’s been inspiring me lately? That’s a hard one. I recently discovered Instagram (yeah, I know. I’m a little late to the party). It’s a great source for pinup ideas. As for the comics, pretty much anything can get me thinking, “Hmmm. Could I make a comic about that?”

Also, believe it or not, I see some content at Daz3d or Renderosity like a bedroom or some other environment and I imagine two or three futas and maybe a female or two doing nasty things all over that room. A lot of times I get inspired to do a comic and by the time it’s finished, it’s completely different from my original idea. So I guess my wishy-washy answer is: ANYTHING! I never really know when the porn gods will bless me with an idea. 😆

Cafe: Hey, I dig the natural creative process!

So, getting down to the meaty stuff: What have you been working on recently and do you have anything upcoming to tease your fans with?

Codemonkey: Well, since my computer had to have a drive replaced and Windows and all my software re-installed, I’m not working on anything at the moment. I’m trying to see if I can get the re-install of Daz Studio to use all my stuff or if I have to re-install all my content.

I’m still deciding what to do next. I still have to do Part 2 of Girls Night Out, or something one of my patrons suggested, which features the girls from “Stay After School” going to a pool party at Miss Jenkin’s house with a fourth person thrown in for good measure.

Both ideas present some challenges, mostly having to do with water and making it look right.I’ll be polling my patrons to see what they would like.

Cafe: That sounds awesome! Girls night out has my vote! Definitely sorry to hear about that computer stuff, hopefully that all gets sorted out as easily as possible.

Alright, last question and I swear I’ll let you go! Do you have any long term goals or aspirations for the future? Honestly, if you kept doing what you’re already doing we’d be plenty happy, but what’s your ‘big dream?’

Codemonkey: That’s easy: Animation. I would loooove to do animations, but without a render farm, it’s not really possible with my system for anything but very short ones. I intend to attempt to make really short GIFs just to learn things; that’s about all I could put out with any regularity. But, if I ever win the Lottery…🤑

Cafe: Haha, here’s hoping! Animating seems to be the next step for many, and it’s not hard to see why, though I can imagine you’d be putting out some particularly spicy content. 

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, on that lottery win, Codemonkey, and we really appreciate your time! Looking forward to whatever you gift us with in the future!

When it comes to greedy girls and cum flinging, dick swinging futanari, Codemonkey is one of the best in the biz! Be sure to check out their patreon and send this fantastic artist some much deserved support!


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