Is it just me, or have we been getting a bit ‘extra’ with our offerings lately? Maybe we’re feeling a bit ‘spaced’ out, like we can’t keep ourselves from getting starstruck by all this new content? See where I’m going with this? Of course, I’m talking about extraterrestrial sets here! After a country gal has been sleeping around, it’s only natural she’d be getting tired of joe schmoe dick. She might think she’s out of luck, but according to GoldenMaster, there are many other options available: all you have to do is look to the heavens for some heavenly cock!

We’re excited to be offering yet another entry into Goldenmaster’s fap-tastic sci-fi series, “First Contact 2: Aliens Motel”! This awesome creator is offering the first chapter totally free, so there’s no excuse not to check it out!  

Part 2 leaves off right where the first ended: our buxom lead, Katy, is relaying her incredible story to a sexy, mature stranger who picked her up as a hitchhiker. In part one, Katy was just driving through the desert when an hapless armadillo tried to cross the road…oh no! One hard brake and a car accident later, the busty redhead found herself making a very close encounter with the third kind! Turns out not all aliens want to kill us, but they’re well hung and quite friendly!

Moving on, Katy and her new lesbian friend find a hotel to stay in, and it’s not long before they become more than just acquaintances. Their pussy munching action is interrupted by two strange futanari aliens with big tits and even bigger…peace offerings ;). Already naked and wet, the two human belle’s say ‘fuck it’ literally, and stick around to find out if their new friends really do cum in peace!

If your looking for a long comic series with non-stop action that spans a plethora of genres like double penetration, expansion and anal, you’ve found it in the first contact series! If you want to skip to the most recent, cum blasting, orgy pounding release, (We’ll understand!) check out part 11, but there’s a ton of fantastic content between them. We’re working hard to get every episode up for sale on the NGP store, but between the first 2 parts, you should have an excellent idea of what to expect from Goldenmaster! These sets are sizable, part 2 clocking in at 105 images, but it’s not all about size: GM ramps up with every entry, adding to the crazy story and building upon Katy’s troubles until things get really out of control! You won’t wanna miss it!