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Nextgen Candy #84: Makin’ it Move by X3rr4

What do Hanna and sexy cars have in common? They love to go fast, and if you stick in the ‘key’ you can really make

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Sultry in the Sun by X3rr4

Francesca, Mimi, and Hanna, love to hang out and tan in the tropical sun, but who doesn’t enjoy a bit of flirting among girlfriends?

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NextGen Candy #059 – Sex, Love & Vaccines by X3rr4

Intent on being a good friend, Sonya scheduled her shots on the same day as Rui. Little do they know that a ‘normal’ visit would

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Let it Nut, Let it Nut

The holidays are the time for giving, so what better way to celebrate them with all our NGP friends than to give all of you

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Booster Cumshots, Double Appointment

Rui and Sonya can’t wait to get their shots, so they can go out and have fun again! Who knows how long they’ve been away

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NextGen Candy #023 – Lollipop lollipop by X3rr4

What’s wrong: eye candy moving too fast for you? If you wanna catch a glimpse of this lovely lollipop licker, don’t be a sucker: just

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Undressed to Impress: Miss Sunny Beach by X3rr4

Summer Essentials Ah summer: the hottest season of the year would be incomplete without pool parties, bikinis, and a few wardrobe malfunctions. Lucky for us,

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Danger & Desire: Hanna Futile Resistance Part 2 by X3rr4

A woman’s touch We’ve covered the deep, sensual stylings of X3rr4’s work in the past, and her renders continue to offer high quality, female protagonist

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futanari mermaid X3rr4

Subaquatic Seductress

They say you should be afraid of what lurks under the surface. But Hannah has other ideas: she discovers a secret of lust beneath the

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X3rr4 Catch-up

Cafe: Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with us, X3rr4! Before I ask about what you’re working on, I’d really