Futa3dx – July updates!

Whether it’s summer in your hemisphere of the world or not, we can all agree that July has been hot. We’re not talking about ambient


Not so Innocent by DeTomasso

With devastating beauty, dangerous curves, and skill to match, DeTomasso proves once more that everyone’s favorite adventurer is “not so innocent”.


Nextgenporn 1 year anniversary

If you hadn’t noticed, we here at NGP just love to find excuses to celebrate, (who doesn’t like a party?) but this time it’s legit…


God Jul from Lustgard and Nextgenporn!

Lustgard and Nextgenporn.net wish you all a happy new year and a “GOD JUL”! And so does Njorijanna! From the frostbitten fjords of Himeheim! Never

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When Demoness’ Unsheath: Demon Sisters 2 by Morfium

There are many who fantasize about fucking demon women: those horns, those tits…that tail! But the truth is…could we really handle them? Do we have


Mr X-Bash Interview: MaxMadSFM

I’m sure there are more than a few of us that know down to the character, down to the moment, right when they felt those


The Sex Circus Is in Town!

When you were little, you wondered, “what delightful secrets are hidden under that tent and why does everyone want to get in…” and then, your


You Can’t Get Enough of Porn Comics – And Here’s Why

Pinup art of hot ladies with little to no clothes on is nice and all, but which are the characters that really stick with you?

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Top 5 Releases – May 2020 – Futa Fixation

Somehow, we’ve made it to May! Wowza, what a crazy year it’s been so far…yeesh. But hell, we’re nearly halfway through it, and we shall


This is not a drill: the NGP store is live!

After weeks of preparation, the moment has finally arrived…*ahem*…drumroll please… The Nextgen Shop is open for business! For weeks now, we’ve talked the talk, now