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Young and (Fu)Talented!

You all know the Merovingian. (If you don’t, where have you been all your life? The man’s a legend, you must check out his content

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NextGen Candy #41 – Bellydancing Bliss by the Merovingian

Tantrically thick and dangerously curvaceous, she gyrates and sashays for her lounging audience, losing herself in their ogling eyes and grunts of approval. They certainly

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Pin Her Down and Give Her Some

What do feisty warriors, innocent princesses and inexperienced vanillas have in common? That they look hella hot restrained while one or more powerful characters give

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From F to Anal: Bad Grades by The Merovingian

Do you know The Merovingian? No, I’m not talking about the Frankish dynasty (just in case you thought I was) I’m talking about the massively

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From Maiden to Slut – Fantasia Gets Orc’d

The beautiful and delicate elf Fantasia just wanted to spend a nice afternoon sunbathing in a deserted landscape. But three pairs of eyes watch her

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Dirty Little Angels: Public Sex Nymphos by The Merovingian

It’s a pretty well known fact that most people fuck indoors. You know, lock the door, make a little noise, maybe bother the neighbors, but