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The Horny Hunting Cums to an End

We’ve seen Thelma and Dauphine scissor like crazy. We’ve seen Thelma suck Waggy’s dick for reasons yet to be explained. We’ve seen lots of human-on-ghost

Christmas The Lost Boyz

A Very Merry Dickmas: “Home for the Holidays” by The Lost Boyz

A Spin on the Classics They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, but we can’t always make it there in time! Crazy

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The Tits Next Door

Delicacies are often served in small bites to be better appreciated. And today, The Lost Boyz has taken the delicacy approach to bring you not

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Haunted and Horny

Having a supernatural pussy wrestling match with a ghost will leave anyone all sorts of confused, and Thelma, fresh back from her trip to the

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Download Now NGP’s Exclusive CUNT-ent!

Aliens impregnated by futa cock, slasher parodies where people actually get to fuck, and monster wrestling turned dickgirl threesomes: all of them have a place

slasher The Lost Boyz

Friday the Thirst-teenth

Isn’t it unfair that characters in an 80’s style slasher movie can’t just fuck in peace? What is it with serial killers and their need

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TheLostBoyz Sneak Peek

Cafe: Hello, (The)LostBoyz! I’m happy to have finally found you! My bad jokes aside, thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview with

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Vanquishing the V-Card: Jesse Lin is Losing it by The Lost Boyz

Unified with Pride Hands down (or up!) the most exciting thing about 3DX is how it gives creators a nearly limitless medium to express fantasy

The Lost Boyz

The Mystery Bang – Welcome The Lost Boyz

There are two types of people in this world: those who say they had some sort of crush on Daphne from scooby Doo growing up,