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“Ariel” by The Lost Boyz

Not every princess needs to be prim and proper to be royally beautiful. Some highnesses look even more regal when they’re baring it all and

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Stories & Shorties: New Products by The Lost Boyz

Make time for the things you rub! Time: who’s got it, these days, right? Between work, responsibilities and just staying alive, it seems like fewer

NGP Candy The Lost Boyz

Nextgen Candy #075 – “Kiss of Death Part 2” by The Lost Boyz

Is it possible for a mafioso to enjoy a dangerous, escorting road trip? The answer becomes obvious when Adrian Valentino meets curvaceous trouble in St.

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Down in Lesbian Town

The Lost Boys has earned a very special place at NGP as a master of character and storytelling who can draw readers in with compelling

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The Sleuth and the Slut

There seems to be an unexplainable abundance of hidden magical artifacts that give whoever touches them the hornies. Whoever the Elder Gods were, or whichever

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A Pussy You Can’t Refuse

Mafia enforcer Gio Giovanni is used to exciting missions and thrilling assignments, and he’s not afraid to shoot his gun if the situation calls for

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Dick Up the Ghost!

The Mystery Gang has been a part of the childhood of many, and as we grew up, and the world looked different to our eyes

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First Date Devilry: “Jesse Lin has LOST IT!” by The Lost boyz

Reality and Romance We absolutely love 3D for its adaptable nature, hell, we talk about it all the time! Stuff you can’t do in real

Nextgenporn Store The Lost Boyz Valentine

Sweet Valentine Hearts – Four Romantic Quickies

In the month of February, love is in the air and heat is in the pants. Men and women look for a special one, be

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The Homecumming Ball

Being a teenager is difficult enough with all that uncontrolled horniness and thirst for our hot classmates, without having to deal with mean girls and