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From Medieval to Metropolis: New Animations by The Grey Dorian

Cock in Common What do futuristic and fantasy realms have in common? Maybe a lot, but the answer we’re looking for is the one that

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A Faerie Fuck Fiesta Film

Yeah, yeah, the Marvels and the DCs have their fancy 3-hour movies and such, but who has four whole hours of elf porn, available for

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NextGen Candy #068 – Kara’s Adventures 10: The Warden by The Grey Dorian

When the futuristic fantasizer embarked on her journey, she had no inkling of the explosive sensual encounters she’d encounter. Kara’s erotic obsessions are beginning to

The Grey Dorian

Summer Night Wet Dreams

Getting 3DX animation just right is no small feat. Few artists give it the passion and dedication necessary to just capture the succulent beauty of