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Getting off to Cool off: Summer Vibe Special

Blazin’ Balls! Ahhh yes, summer! Sunburn, barbecuing, and utilizing literally any body of water, synthetic or otherwise, for recreation. To commemorate the warm weather (at

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Down in Lesbian Town

The Lost Boys has earned a very special place at NGP as a master of character and storytelling who can draw readers in with compelling

Nextgenporn Store Straight The Lost Boyz

A Pussy You Can’t Refuse

Mafia enforcer Gio Giovanni is used to exciting missions and thrilling assignments, and he’s not afraid to shoot his gun if the situation calls for

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NextGen Candy #070 – If It Fits…

Today’s featured lady is quite confident that her holes can take any kind of dick imaginable. That’s fine and all, but Taziota, the grand master

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NextGen Candy #067 – No Fair Play in Airplay

Yes, we know this beautifully rendered shot looks like a fight. The fire, the destruction, the sweat, the muscle, the dirt, the passion. But if

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Wizards of the Cock: Hard Fantasy

What happens when you combine erotic fantasy, wild imagination, rich lore, a compelling and mysterious story, and more orgasms and buckets of cum than you

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Lustful Lullaby: Wicked Dreams by RycGames

A blurred line We often turn to sleep when we need to disengage and recharge, but what happens when our dreams are fitful? Dark Even?

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The Homecumming Ball

Being a teenager is difficult enough with all that uncontrolled horniness and thirst for our hot classmates, without having to deal with mean girls and

Nextgenporn Store Straight The Lost Boyz

Haunted and Horny

Having a supernatural pussy wrestling match with a ghost will leave anyone all sorts of confused, and Thelma, fresh back from her trip to the

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STR4HL Interview

Cafe: Hello STR4HL! Thanks for agreeing to speak with us again: we had a fantastic interview with you last year, around March, and we’re extremely