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Nextgen Candy #83 – Can’t Stop Smiling

Not all fantasies have to stay fantasies…sometimes the most sexually exciting thing a woman can do is also the one thing she shouldn’t! Every time

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NextGen Candy #039 – Quiet Your Body, Free Your Mind by SneakyBastard

Inhale…exhale…inhale..exhale. Now open your mind…and your mouth, slip out your tongue and close your eyes. There’s more than one way to meditate: afterall, a quiet

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I’ll Fuck You Better than Daddy

Flashy erotic stories with wild characters and colourful settings are always a joy to consume, but it does take some special talent to take a

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Old Vs. Lewd

F: So, tell us! What are you working on these days? DEVLGo: I just finished a new character. I was, in fact, remaking an old

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Steamy, Sexy and Sneaky

Lana is truly a go-getter. Everyone at the company knows this. -Mostly because probably everyone has fucked her more than once at this point. – 

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Fuck Write-off! Busted 2: Business Expenses

Okay, let’s level here: not everyone who holds down a job is necessarily qualified to do what their job description states. We’ve all worked with

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Artist Focus: SneakyBastard

What’s your relationship with 3DX? Do you view it brazenly, uncaring of who sees your love for rendered erotica, or are you more private with

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A Tale as Cuckold as Time: Amber’s Secret Lover by Sneaky Bastard

Amber is in the throes of her sexual prime, but her husband is always at work! What’s a woman to do but fantasize about an

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Cheating With Chocolate – Meeting With Lexy

You like 3D porn? Cool! You like video games? Great! You like high-quality art products delivered to you for free? Fantastic! Then we have something

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Playing With Daddy’s Toys – Welcome SneakyBastards

Oh, boy! We are getting so much new stuff for you all, guys; you have no idea. New products, upcoming events… and artists that join