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May Brings a Shower of Fresh Futa Cum

As summer edges closer and closer, we ‘edge’ with it: with a whopping, unprecedented 8 new futanari products! You read that right: we’ve added a

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Paradox3D interview

Cafe: It’s 2022 and we’re looking to dole out some fresh new perspective. Not ours (you all get enough of that) but perspective from creators

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NextGen Candy #061 – A Secluded Fuckspot

These are abandoned ruins, there isn’t a single soul to be seen for miles… nobody to hear the gasps and moans of these horny elves

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Ruins of Rapture, Dungeons of Dick

It must be Horny Season in the fantasy lands, because elves and human women alike are going crazy at the mere sight of a cock,

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Damisels in Dick-stress! Best Futa products in November

Sometimes the best surprise a lady can get is a proud and girthy girl-cock ready to take her. It’s as simple as that. For the

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An Elven Beauty in Chains

Everybody knows that the best treasure in an abandoned fortress lies at the last room, behind all the roaming monsters and traps. Well, today is