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We love Futadiversity!

We love 3D girls, (obviously) and many of us are huge fans of futa! As a genre, futanari has probably seen the most explosive growth (literally

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Shots in the Dark and Fluid Art: Why is Cum so Hard to Render?

Where is all the good cum?? Why is it so hard to animate?! I’ve seen the complaint from a thousand different people in many different

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Where There be Booty, There be Pirates: Recognizing & Dealing with Piracy

The internet is often referred to as a web, but it wouldn’t be unfitting to call it an ocean. Through a vast, seemingly endless array

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COVID-19: Coping & Community

We try to keep things as light and positive as we can here at NGP, but it’s equally as important to us to be realistic

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Review: Doe Dick

You’ve probably noticed this already, but we here at NGP are a little obsessed with 3DX. So much so, in fact, that we can recognize

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A Noob’s guide to Rendering Software

Here at NGP, we’re just as invested in artists as we are in consumers. In fact, many of you are both! That being said, we

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Will the Real Tracer Please Stand Up?

How many versions of something can exist at one point? Whether we’re talking actually or theoretically, the answer is probably a lot. There are 1

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Pushing the boundaries of gender with 3DX

Good porn, live action or otherwise, allows us to explore our kinks and fantasies beyond the limitations of our daily lives. Even more, on top

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Monster Sex, really??

Yeah, really. One of the best things about 3DX (and other forms of erotic render and illustration, for that matter) is that they literally let

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Get psyched for the official Nextgenporn store launch!

We here at Nextgenporn, through a combination of blood, sweat, and tears (and looking at porn, lots of porn) are humbled and ecstatic to announce