futanari NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #064 – Doctor, I have a dick by Eden3dx

What’s a girl to do when a “big problem” suddenly “comes up”? It’s such a huge problem, in fact, that it’s impossible to hide, and

NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #063 – Hazard Level by Ashley Sugar

Jill and Claire fight to survive as a horde of lust driven, female zombies swarm them. The sex hungry monsters seem suspiciously organized, as if

futanari NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #062 – Good Girls Finish Their Meals

Futa cum has been highly regarded as a nutritious one-in-all cocktail, so every slutty plaything must make sure to eat up all her mistress’ jizz.

NGP Candy Paradox3D warrior

NextGen Candy #061 – A Secluded Fuckspot

These are abandoned ruins, there isn’t a single soul to be seen for miles… nobody to hear the gasps and moans of these horny elves

NGP Candy Redrobot3dx

NextGen Candy #60 – Lady Double D

Being hanged from the ceiling suspended by hooks through our palms might not be a situation we wanted to find ourselves in a year ago.

NGP Candy X3rr4

NextGen Candy #059 – Sex, Love & Vaccines by X3rr4

Intent on being a good friend, Sonya scheduled her shots on the same day as Rui. Little do they know that a ‘normal’ visit would

GoldenMaster NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #058 – Nine feet tall, nineteen inches long

It may or may not have been in her job description that she’d have to take huge vampire futa cock while sucking herself, but well,

big cock Masturbating NGP Candy Nonsane

NextGen Candy #57 – “Adicktion Therapy:Unmodel Behavior” by Nonsane

Doctor Jocelynn Whitley sits alone in her office, between patients, and coddles her ‘big secret’, doing everything she can to keep her subtle yet insatiable

James McKenzie NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #56 – GEMS by James McKenzie

In the not so distant future, where outlying planets desperately need to be repopulated, women are encouraged to explore every aspect of their sexuality. Even

Lewd Futasy NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #55 – Any Dick You Can Grow I Can Grow Bigger

Fair play to you, Kimiko! You’ve found a great toy to pleasure yourself with! Oh, and how kind of you to let us watch. We