Eris3D NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #91: Metafutas 3 Teaser by Eris3D

“Yes, YES! Now gimme that load, baby doll. Cum, cum, CUM!”Dulcita gets into a heap of smoky trouble in Eris’ upcoming Metafutas 3!

Forged3DX Horror NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #90: Valentine’s Salvation by Forged3DX

A fearsome infection. A desperate antidote. Will Jill truly do whatever it takes…even that…for her Salvation? 

Gonzo Studios interracial NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #89: Blackmaled 3 Teaser by Gonzo

Layla has already reached the point of no return, but her obsession with being “Blackmaled” warrants a part 3!

NGP Candy Redrobot3dx Scifi

Nextgen Candy #88: New Sci-fi by RedRobot3D

Redrobot’s new sci-fi set is sure to be an insectxual sensation! These alien bugs are just looking for hugs…

futanari Lewd Futasy NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #87: Raunchy Rodeo by Lewd Futasy

Thick Fortune and hung Destiny have a certain ride in mind for Alexis. Like all of Futasy’s girls, Alexis is more than ready for the

Detomasso Feet NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #86: Devilish Digits by Detomasso

Lara loves being adaptable, and the way she lavishes affection is no different. She uses every tool at her disposal to “finish” challenges.

futanari irrelevant3d NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy#85: Wanna Touch? By Irrelevant3D

Tracer’s got a secret weapon, but she doesn’t hide it up her sleeve. She’s not alone, either: all of her fine friends are packing heat!

Forged3DX Horror NGP Candy Rule34

Nextgen Candy #85: Big Boss by Forged3DX

Jill has reached peak evolution, and she’s not alone. She has lots of friends, and she wants to share her assets with the world! 

big ass NGP Candy X3rr4

Nextgen Candy #84: Makin’ it Move by X3rr4

What do Hanna and sexy cars have in common? They love to go fast, and if you stick in the ‘key’ you can really make

NGP Candy redhead Sneaky Bastard

Nextgen Candy #83 – Can’t Stop Smiling

Not all fantasies have to stay fantasies…sometimes the most sexually exciting thing a woman can do is also the one thing she shouldn’t! Every time