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Oh High, Teacher! Futa Highschool by Futanarica

Oh High Futanari! It’s impossible to deny the allure of college age schoolgirls lusting over a huge cock. One of our favorite animators, Futanarica, takes

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Puppetmaster interview 2021

Cafe: Hello, Puppetmaster! It’s awesome to speak with you again, it’s been quite some time since our last interview. You’ve made some incredible progress with

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I’ll Fuck You Better than Daddy

Flashy erotic stories with wild characters and colourful settings are always a joy to consume, but it does take some special talent to take a

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In Ho Fitness: My Personal Futa Trainer: Abs on Fire by Futanarica

When it comes to futa, most of us agree that bigger is better…within reason. We futa lovers like our ladies stacked and fully stocked, but

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Get-Off before Take-Off

Being a secret agent teaches you to deal with the unexpected. And what was more unexpected for blonde bombshell Mia than being transformed into a

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Personal Futa Assistant

A girl’s got her needs, and must find a way to satisfy them. And some girls, sometimes, get fancy. Like the redhead protagonist of Eris3D’s

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Like Daughter Like Mom-whore: Evelyn’s Bimbo Training by Fab3DX

BDyeSM’am It’s difficult to argue with the inherent power and prowess of a domineering dickgirl. Fab3DX knows this very well, and so does the lovely

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One, Two, Dimi-trescu – Resident Threesome

Saying that Lady Dimitrescu has captured the interest of some Erotic Art Enjoyers ™ is an understatement as big as the huge cock with which

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Principals of Putting Out: “Date with Principal” by Serge3dx

Sergical Precision It’s hard to say exactly why we love the futanari genre so much without blabbering on about all the reasons for its awesomeness.

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Professional Fuck-tography: FutaQ by ImpAntique

Important News We interrupt…whatever you’re doing (can’t be that important if you’re reading this!) to bring you this crucial announcement:  New 3D creator! Yes indeed,