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Temptation in Red Bikini

A Summertime Display The warm season is coming our way, and with it, all its wonderful things: longer days, ice cream, beach vacations, and scantily

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Racking up & Winning Big: “What Happens in Vegas” by Taziota

Putting the ‘Sin’ in Casino We’re all familiar with Sin City, aka, Las Vegas. The scorching summer heat, hot shows and events, but what can

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NextGen Candy: This Ship Sails On Motorboating

Her skin sweats under the shiny sun : she wants to jump into that pool, swim around and relax. Now, she wonders, who will share

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Deflowered & De-railed: Residential Evil 8 ‘Night train’

Dubious is Delightful Despite the erotic horror genre growing more popular by the day, some people still have their doubts about it, understandably so. Afterall,

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Surprise Elven Pussy At Your Doorstep!

When you’re an average-looking, hard-working goblin artisan, you just dedicate your days to your craft. You do your best to do your job, pay the

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Taziota Sneak Peek

Cafe: Hello there, Taziota, thank you for agreeing to do one of our ‘sneak peek’ pieces! We’re looking forward to hearing all about what you’ve

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At The Edge Of Her Clit-Cock

Dr. Valerie and Dr. Megan have found their perfect experimental subject in the blonde and busty Nicole, and now that she officially become a futanari

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Spunky Sexcavators: First Contact 12 by GoldenMaster

A proper collection full of selection Good things come in dozens right? Donuts. Roses. Sci-fi transformation themed alien fucking stories. Ah, of course, we’re talking

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Now Entering the Twilight Boned: Shades of darkness 3-S1 by 3Dzen

A place between reality and fantasy If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see a ‘twilight zone’-esque nightmare presented as a 3DX

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Blonde & Busty, Busted!

We’ve had plenty of stories about the naughty student that gets caught by the teacher doing lewd stuff at college when she’s not supposed to,