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Revenge Is a Dick Better Served Hard

Vanessa has been naughty, and deserves some punishment. She thinks she can fuck Nancy as hard as she wants without any regard for her? Estelle

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Dark Origins: Knight Elayne:Memoria by Hibbli3D

Every character has an origin story: a distinctive set of events that helped shape them into who they are today. Of course, some are much

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The Naughty Professor

Tess’ life is about to change forever. What started as a night like any other, will soon turn darker and naughtier than she could have

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Bimbos Being Broken In: Nikki’s Big Friend 2

Fab3DX knows a thing or two about bimbos, big cocks, and how much bimbos crave those big cocks! Of course, there’s big, and then there’s

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Cockus Poccus! You’re a futa now!

Sometimes a futa just wants to fuck one of her kind. That’s not much to ask for, is it? Especially since this futa in particular

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Every Dick You Can Suck I Can Suck Better

Pat3DX is on fire right now! We’ve just published the second episode of his naughty story Pole Dancers, where Estelle and her girlfriend Sasha practice

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Bigger Than Her Wildest Dreams: Of Future & Fantasy by Nonsane

Let’s face it: reality is…well, real. Despite the obvious silliness of the statement, it’s still something we have to remind ourselves of periodically. It may

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In Ho Fitness: My Personal Futa Trainer: Abs on Fire by Futanarica

When it comes to futa, most of us agree that bigger is better…within reason. We futa lovers like our ladies stacked and fully stocked, but

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Slide, Spin & Suck

Estelle is already on her way to become a successful futa pole dancer! She’s got herself a cool girlfriend, she’s crashing at her place, and

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Street-Tease and A Happy Ending

Trinity is a lovely pink-haired girl. So nice and cool, that she absolutely doesn’t mind stripping naked in the middle of a back alley, under