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Dick of a Dangerous Desperado

Mean Joe is a hair-chested outlaw carrying dangerous guns, the highest caliber being the one in his pants. Bounty hunter Maria, however, is not afraid.

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One Small Step for Science, One Big Cock For the Alien Girl

Alien girlfriends Alpha and Omega are working in the development of all sorts of fuck monsters. Now that´s what we call two brains put to

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Sauced in Space: First Contact 11: Alien Gangbang by GoldenMaster

Are you a fan of wacky, tongue-in-cheek parody 3DX sets that deliver amazing alternative content without taking themselves too seriously? If you aren’t acquainted with

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Where The Wild Things Fuck

The magic of 3D porn is rendering fantasies that would be impossible to see in real life, letting our imagination run wild with no limits.

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Two Futas Fuck Better Than One

Our love for futas will never die, and our desire to see them fuck the hell outta each other, will never be quenched. But worry

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Trapped at Cumbrella’s Breeding Quarters

Jane St. Patrick has always been a career-oriented woman, focused on protecting the city from Cumbrella’s X-virus and all the horny abominations it creates. But

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Fuck Write-off! Busted 2: Business Expenses

Okay, let’s level here: not everyone who holds down a job is necessarily qualified to do what their job description states. We’ve all worked with

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Lick em’ & Stick em’: Residential Evil XXX 7 by 3DZen

3Dzen spearheads horror/sci-Fi 3D erotica once again with the 7th installment of Residential Evil XXX! We continue to cover this unique series because it checks

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Do you wanna fuck a snowman

You have to give it to girls who are willing to get butt naked in the middle of a snowy field, for our eyes’ delight.

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Backyard Barbe-screwed! Magic Sausages by GoldenMaster

Suburban neighborhoods are generally known for 2 things: white fences and relaxed backyard living. GoldenMaster takes it a step further in “Magic Sausages” (because why