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Three is Overrated

Some people say 3 is the perfect number: triangles, trinities, blah blah blah, but consider the following… 4 is a bigger number than 3, and

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Tomb Raider, Tentacle Rider

Ancient civilizations across the world developed their own culture, religion and identity, but they all have one thing in common: they all built fuck temples.

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Subdued Switches: “Adicktion Therapy: Un-expected Intern-ruptions” by Nonsane

Is 3 a crowd? It’s still debatable whether “3 is company” or not, but there are certain instances where three people is better than two.

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Smoke & Stroke: “Meta Futas” by Eris3D

Not Your Usual Comic There’s something to be said about those who venture away from the ‘usual’. When it comes to 3DX, it’s pretty hard

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Werewolves and Vampires, Horny Edition

The worldwide success of Resident Evil Village has left us, say, with an intellectual interest about the whole vampires and werewolves thing, particularly about their

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Creature Cum-dumpsters and Monster Mamas

There are monstrous beings out there, lurking in the dark… With huge cocks that would burst open a normal pussy in seconds, and a savage

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Keepin’ it Tight: “Full Body Workout Futa Fitness” by RedRobot3D

Getting Into the Routine Starting a workout routine can be tough, but it usually gets easier if we can grit our teeth through the first

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Power Thighs & Sultry Eyes: “Video Games Straight Collection 3” by Brynhildr

More Than Just a Game As a gamer myself, I can confidently say there’s a lot more to gaming than just ‘the gameplay’. Don’t get

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Artist Focus Greenlight: Korben Moon

Aaaaaaand we’re back! For what, you may ask? Why, another Artist Focus: Greenlight, of course!  Today’s featured creator is none other than the illustrious Korben

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Incantation and Inflation

Korben Moon might be a recent addition to our line-up of artists, but they’ve quickly earned a spot in our horny family as a creator