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Agent Redgirl Launches a Brave New ‘D’erection for Free Comics

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly a fan of futanari. (Either that or boy howdy did you click a random link!) Assuming that, there’s no

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Puppetmaster is coming to!

NGP3DX and Gamma are proud to announce the addition of a new artist, Puppetmaster, to their steadily growing pool of animated content creators this August. 

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Deeper into Deviancy: Blackmaled: Layla’s Story 3 by Gonzo Studios

Unfaithful Fornicators I’m sure you’ve seen shows and movies about cheating and cuckoldry: who hasn’t? There are a million pornos about it, and almost everyone

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Tenacious Tentacles

Watch out for the water! Summer is full of swimming pools, river trips and ocean visits, but some people are (understandably) scared of the water!

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Adicktion Therapy Bundle

Three is Overrated Some people say 3 is the perfect number: triangles, trinities, blah blah blah, but consider the following… 5 is a bigger number

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Too Hot To Handle

Turn up the AC Where it’s summer in the world, it’s warm AF, with record-breaking highs all over. Unfortunately, we’re not really helping with the

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Getting off to Cool off: Summer Vibe Special

Blazin’ Balls! Ahhh yes, summer! Sunburn, barbecuing, and utilizing literally any body of water, synthetic or otherwise, for recreation. To commemorate the warm weather (at

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A cornucopia of Compilations

3DXcess They say less is more, but also…more is more! This week, we’ve got some colossal new collections in the store, for stupid, dumb, absurdly

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Holy Snatchrimony: Bridebang 2 by Gonzo Studios

Tying the knot Giant, overpriced cakes, lame speeches, sub par catered food and, if you’re lucky, maybe an open bar… we’re talking weddings of course!

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Blackmale & Betrayl: New Releases by Sexy3dComics

So Dramatic! When is a 3D comic like a daytime TV drama? When it’s a multipanel, lust fueled saga filled with intrigue, immorality and unchained