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From F to Anal: Bad Grades by The Merovingian

Do you know The Merovingian? No, I’m not talking about the Frankish dynasty (just in case you thought I was) I’m talking about the massively

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The Milky Way on Uranus

Gather around, sci-fi porn enthusiasts! Come forth, those of you who fancy alien dickgirls, femdom and absurd amounts of lactation! Here we present to you

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It Just wants a hug! Alien Contamination by 3DZen

If you’ve ever seen alien horror movies, you know the usual drill: parasite latches onto a human host, human host gets rushed to sick bay,

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The Pussy Pioneer

It takes the most daring scientists to further the frontiers of our knowledge. Dr. Megan is exactly the type of woman who will do whatever

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Devoted to the Dick

Vicky has just landed the job of her life. A rich blonde with big breasts and an ever bigger confidence has eyed her, and offered

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DP In Deep Space

Katy has this special talent for attracting all sort of horny creatures, doesn’t she? When she’s not being banged by alien lifeforms, she stumbles across

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Pull Over And Bend Over

When you’re the main character in a porn story, you know there are certain easy ways to get away with breaking the law. Sure, you

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Soaked to the Boned: After Rain with Kate by X3rr4

What would we do without the finer things in life? It’s always good to keep things simple, but sometimes it’s important to treat ourselves with

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Tame That Sass, Stuff That Ass

Jennifer doesn’t take shit from mouthy brats, and the second her stepdaughter Amanda called her the wrong word, the stunning futanari Femdom made the decision

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Checked-in & Wrecked: First Contact 2: Aliens Motel by Goldenmaster

Is it just me, or have we been getting a bit ‘extra’ with our offerings lately? Maybe we’re feeling a bit ‘spaced’ out, like we