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Time Cop a Feel: Sex Patrol Trilogy by Goldenmaster

A relatively recent time ago…in a galaxy that might not be that far away… Dickgirls in space time travel to fuck historic hotties! Goldenmaster sets

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Good Girls Get Cum

It’s finally here, guys! The second and last part of 3DZen’s Training Days, the conclusion of this story of forced submission, bondage and futa cum

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Dr. Lockhart’s Cock Riding Therapy

Is there a man in the world, luckiest than a guy who ends up in Tifa Lockhart’s practice, specifically in that day when she gets

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Programmed for Pleasure: Future Sex 5 by Nonsane

The future is Futanari It all started with a hyper realistic monster dildo in the year 2500. In an age of such advanced technology, one

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A Cultured Collection of Cocks and Cunnies

Ah, welcome, men and women of culture. Let us introduce you to tonight’s tasting menu of fantasy and lewdness, by our master chef at the

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The Dick Sucker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Our redhead intergalactic traveller just can’t take a break. When she’s not being surprise-sexed at a random motel, she’s kidnapped into a spaceship full of

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From F to Anal: Bad Grades by The Merovingian

Do you know The Merovingian? No, I’m not talking about the Frankish dynasty (just in case you thought I was) I’m talking about the massively

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The Milky Way on Uranus

Gather around, sci-fi porn enthusiasts! Come forth, those of you who fancy alien dickgirls, femdom and absurd amounts of lactation! Here we present to you

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It Just wants a hug! Alien Contamination by 3DZen

If you’ve ever seen alien horror movies, you know the usual drill: parasite latches onto a human host, human host gets rushed to sick bay,

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The Pussy Pioneer

It takes the most daring scientists to further the frontiers of our knowledge. Dr. Megan is exactly the type of woman who will do whatever