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Two Cocks Fuck Better Than One

More and more readers at NGP are hopping on the Intrigue3D train. A star debut with 5 products, more coming into the store, stunning artwork

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Mission Failed or Mission Nailed? Lewdist by Eris3D

Mission Cumpossible Everyone loves reading about sexy super agents fighting secret organizations and keeping the world safe from baddies. Eris3D, an awesome new creator we’ve

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Sucked in to be sucked off! First Contact 13 by Goldenmaster

A Golden opportunity You may have noticed that we’ve been regularly covering Goldenmaster’s works, especially the First Contact series. There’s a very good reason for

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Phat Ass Fairy Tales: Phires Fantasy 1 & 1-2 by Xalas

Hold the Stills! Do we love 3D stills? Always and forever, but sometimes we crave a little movement, a little flash, a little action! Thankfully,

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Sandwiched Between The Futa Twin Sisters

Twin dickgirls Kayla and Kylie are surely having the pool party of their lifetime. Not only did they fuck each other before the guests arrived,

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Steamy, Sexy and Sneaky

Lana is truly a go-getter. Everyone at the company knows this. -Mostly because probably everyone has fucked her more than once at this point. – 

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Undressed to Impress: Miss Sunny Beach by X3rr4

Summer Essentials Ah summer: the hottest season of the year would be incomplete without pool parties, bikinis, and a few wardrobe malfunctions. Lucky for us,

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Gamer Girls got Girth: Best Current R34 Futa

What do resident evil, final fantasy and overwatch all have in common, besides just being videogames? Um…some can only be played on Xbox? Uh… maybe

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Dance With The Dickgirl Devils

New artist alert! New artist alert! Strap in, folks, ‘cause there’s a new kid on the block, and this addition comes in hard with not

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Danger & Desire: Hanna Futile Resistance Part 2 by X3rr4

A woman’s touch We’ve covered the deep, sensual stylings of X3rr4’s work in the past, and her renders continue to offer high quality, female protagonist