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Nextgen Candy #076 – “Cara Lox: The Tentacle Temple” by RedRobot3D

An adventurer, no matter how avid, is bound to get ‘tangled’ up into trouble. Beware, for when beauty goes delving for secrets, the secrets may

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Tomb Raider, Tentacle Rider

Ancient civilizations across the world developed their own culture, religion and identity, but they all have one thing in common: they all built fuck temples.

3DZen Monster NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #73 – Boobjob Before Breeding

She’s in the process of getting her fertile womb pumped full of monster cum, to give birth to the next generation of lewd creatures. She

3DZen Korben Moon Monster Nextgenporn Store Redrobot3dx

Creature Cum-dumpsters and Monster Mamas

There are monstrous beings out there, lurking in the dark… With huge cocks that would burst open a normal pussy in seconds, and a savage

Korben Moon Monster Nextgenporn Store

Incantation and Inflation

Korben Moon might be a recent addition to our line-up of artists, but they’ve quickly earned a spot in our horny family as a creator

3DZen forced Monster monstercock

Sadists & Slitherers: New Products by 3DZen

Going to S-extremes Some people are just awful, (You know who you are) while others, let’s face it, are way too nice! Everyone’s had their

Korben Moon Monster monstercock

Double Ds & Demons: “The Summoner: Come Undone” by Korben moon

Dabbling & Dipping What’s the first thing we usually want to do when someone says: “don’t touch that”? We wanna touch it even more! Sometimes,

James McKenzie Monster Nextgenporn Store

Deep Splooge in Deep Space

It’s so lonely for a woman to spend years in the corners of the Universe, isn’t it? Floating in a space station, staring out the

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Ada Wong And the Five Massive Dongs

Resident Evil fans just can’t get enough of their favourite zombie-fighting girls getting Rule34’d time and again. And why should they? These characters have earned

Artist Focus Fantasy Hibbli3D Monster

Artist Focus: Hibbli3D

A Hard Knight’s Stay Hear ye, hear ye, verily I say unto thee, we are long overdue for an artist focus! Forsooth! If you’re ready